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Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College was established in 1951. On 2-7-1951 the College was formally inaugurated in an auspicious manner by Sri.J.V.Bhanoji Ramars, Chief Donor by performing a ‘PUJA’ at Board High School, Amalapuram. This was the …


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  • Welcome to Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College (SKBRC), Amalapuram

Institutional Distinctiveness:

The following were appreciated by the NAAC assessment team as part of their Institutional Distinctiveness assessment

Zoology Museum:

The zoology museum is rated as one of the best museums in the state of AP.The museum is very distinctive. To highlight a few:

  1. Stuffed, preserved specimens along with moulds
  2. Vast variety of fishes, some are very special exotic carps like Cyprinus Carpio, Cteno Pharyngodon Iella, African Lung Fish Protopterus
  3. Human Skeleton
  4. Human Embryos
  5. Crafts and Gear models
  6. Stuffed Python and Dolphins
  7. Stuffed Python and Dolphins
  8. Phylum wise arrangement of species
  9. Various Corals
  10. Skulls of various animals and humans

Physics and Electronics Museum:

The exhibits were procured in the department by the founder and former head of the department Sri D.Upendra Rao garu and the museum of exhibits was established during the tenure of Sri Chavali Subrahmanya Sastry (CSS) garu.

Exhibits include:
  1. Vernier Calipers, Spherometer and very old and rare experimental apparatuses
  2. Working models of Tesla Coil, Steam Engine, Six's Thermometer, Measuring instruments etc.

The department encourages nearby schools and colleges’ students to visit the museum for their self-awareness.

Digital Classrooms:

The college boasts of four Digital with e-podium in one of the classrooms.

All the digital classrooms are having 360 degree rotation cameras with a facility of online interaction with other college students at other places.

All the digital classrooms are well equipped with smart boards.


The college boasts of nearly 7 acres of land having a walker’s track of 400 m, Cricket Play Ground, Volley Ball Court, Tennis Court and Basket Ball Court. Facilities in playground include:

  • National slandered 400 Mts. Red gravel Running Track
  • Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium with 120 x 80 x 42 ft playing area
  • Flood light Tennis Court
  • Two Volley Ball Courts
  • Comfortable play areas for Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, Hand Ball, Kho-Kho, and Kabaddi etc.
  • Two Table Tennis Boards


The college has a very well equipped Gymnasium both for students and staff with the following facilities:

  1. Weight Lifting Set
  2. Aero fit massage vibrator
  3. Elliptical cycle
  4. Aero Fit Sitting Cycle
  5. Abdominal care
  6. Home gym
  7. Fit King 8 stages gym
  8. Dumbbell set