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Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College was established in 1951. On 2-7-1951 the College was formally inaugurated in an auspicious manner by Sri.J.V.Bhanoji Ramars, Chief Donor by performing a ‘PUJA’ at Board High School, Amalapuram. This was the …


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  • Welcome to Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College (SKBRC), Amalapuram

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics was born along with the inception of the college in July 1951, with Sri.G.P.Ramesam as its founder Head of the department .Intermediate courses were offered in beginning and on subsequent elevation of status of the college to degree level, mathematics was offered in degree as one of the subject combinations.

There were three posts of lecturers in the department initially and the number has risen to 12 on consequent opening of new combinations and increase in work load.

Department of Physics & Electronics

The Department of Physics was established in July 1951, initially offering a two-year intermediate course. Subsequently, a one-year Pre-University Course (PUC) and three-year degree courses were introduced in 1953. In 1969, in accordance with government regulations, a two-year intermediate course following the 10+2+3 pattern was introduced. In 1986, to promote job-oriented courses, Electronics was introduced as an optional subject alongside Physics and Mathematics, initially with a sanctioned strength of 12 students. Over time, the number of seats was increased to 30.

The founder head of the department sri P.V. Somayajulu served the institution for only one year (1951-1952). then sri D. Upendra Rao took over charge as HOD..

During his tenure of nearly three decades (1952-1982), he played a pivotal role in the all-round development of the department. He showed keen interest in acquiring a lot of teaching aids and laboratory equipment for the department under UGC and special fees grants. The department owes a lot to him for the services he rendered. Today, we have fully equipped laboratories.

During the tenure of the former HOD, Sri K. Subba Rao, saw the department being annexed with Electronics and Computer courses. However, they were later delinked, leading to the establishment of a separate Department of Electronics and Computer Science (UG) under the UASF Courses banner. In the year 2006, the management made a decision to remerge Electronics into the Department of Physics. Since then, our department became the "Department of Physics & Electronics." The department organized the prestigious two-day National Seminar on "Nano Materials and Technology" on January 9th and 10th, 2010, with financial assistance from the UGC. Delegates from all over the country attended the seminar. Currently, there are 5 unaided staff members in the department.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1988 with the objective of introducing computer science at the under graduate level for the students of Konaseema area with Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (M.P.Cs) as optional subjects. The department was started with 30 students. As the Computer Science is an optional subject, it was attached to the Department of Physics till the year 2002. Subsequently the dept. was separated and was given independent status. Former Head of the Departments are:

S.No Name Date
1 Sri M.Aruna Kumar from 2002 to 2004
2 Sri Lt. B.V.R.N Ramarao from 2004 to 2005
3 Sri S. Dhanumjayudu from 2005 to 2006
4 Sri M.S.Venugopala Rao from 2006 to 2007
5 Sri N. Ravindhra Murthy from 2007 to 2008
6 Sri. Nukala Srinivas from 1-4-2008 to till date

Consequently we introduced M.E.Cs (Mathematics, Electronics, computer science) and M.S.Cs (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science) and one more section for M.P.Cs, At present the Department has nearly 275 students and two Air conditioned laboratories with 2400 sq.ft with 47 systems and two LCD projectors with Internet Connection. Many of Our old students are Working as Software Engineers, Team Leaders in different Software Companies, Banks, LIC and other Govt. organizations throughout the Globe.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1951, ever since the S.K.B.R.College was established, with two year Intermediate Course to impart the knowledge of chemistry among the students. Later, one year Pre-University Course and subsequently three year Degree courses were introduced in combination with various subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Botany and Zoology.

The department has well equipped laboratories for both Intermediate and Degree courses. At present there are three teaching staff members in the department.

Department of Zoology

Zoology is the study of animal life, which is one of the main branches of biology. The study reveals the evolution of life on Earth, the habits and habitats of animals, and the interactions of animals with one another and also with their environment.

The zoology department started its journey as the department of biology in 1953 with one english medium section in b.z.c. under the able leadership of sri. g. v. s. prakasha rao, the founder head of the department. the botany and zoology were bifurcated as separate departments in 1954. one telugu medium section was started in the academic year 1971-72, and the strength of the faculty increased to nine. the department has been offering zoology for b.sc. at the undergraduate level since the days of its inception. the department strives for academic excellence in teaching and research in zoology and allied subjects. the students of this department have a good placement record across the globe.

Over the years, new faculty and courses have been regularly introduced which kept the department forerunner in teaching and research in Zoology. Situated in coastal region of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh state, we are in easy reach of diverse habitats including the marine habitat of Bay of Bengal, freshwater and estuarine habitats of Godavari river systems which provide a potential area for aquaculture activities. Thus excellent opportunities exist in this area to work in Fisheries and Aquaculture. As the aquaculture practices were started and increasing rapidly in the surrounding areas, there is a need of Fisheries graduates.

Hence our management opened B.Sc., Fisheries with Botany and Zoology combination in 1986 and produced several Fisheries graduates. The Department has the credit of having excellent, well established museum and the peer team of NAAC recognized it as the best museum during their visit to our college in 2006. The Department of Zoology is recognized for its outstanding research contributions to the field of aquaculture at national and international level. It has strong base in teaching, research and consultancy services. Some of the members in the present faculty have received advanced training in research areas related to aquaculture and established active research collaborations with international scientists besides industries and other research institutes in India.

The Department has been functioning since 1954 with a set of dedicated, well qualified, experienced and energetic members with a thirst for teaching and research. A number of technical seminars and training programmes in aquaculture are conducted by the faculty along with MPEDA, Aqua feed companies and university institutes for the development of aqua industry. It may be more appropriate to mention here that the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has identified our institution as a resource centre in Aquaculture. Accordingly Dr.P.Saibaba of Zoology Dept. was selected by Govt. of A.P as a member in three member Aquaculture Expert Committee and sent to Punjab for the development of aquaculture in Punjab state on the request of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab Shri.Prakash Singh Badalji during August 2014. The Expert Committee submitted a report with necessary suggestions for the development of aquaculture to the Govt. of Punjab state.

Department of Botany & Biotechnology

Sri.T.Sehagiri Rao who joined the department 1959 in addition to his teaching, he did reach work on Palynology of different plants.UGC and our college management are magnanimous in providing equipment like research microscopes, micorphotographic equipment, microtomes ,binoculars, Camera Lucida etc., for his research work. He published several papers in various journals. Sri.M.V.Satyanarayana Rao, who joined the department in 1962 wrote a book on “Plant Physiology and Bio-Chemistry” which brought him good reputation.

Botany Department which is going to celebrate Golden Jubilee as separate department has got its roots in Bio-logy department at the budding stage.P.U.C. with Biology was started in our college in 1954. BSc with Botany, Zoology and Chemistry combination has been started in 1958 under the able guidance of Major . P.Gopala Rao.He steered the Botany Department for more than three decades with dedication and devotion.He worked hard for the uplift of the department along with other staff members.

Bio-Technology Department:

The area covered under Bio-Technology is very vast and the techniques involved are highly divergent. Bio-Technology is making marked contributions in Human Health and Medicines, Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Environment and Biocontrol, Crimes and parentage disputes. Our department with nearly five decades of history wishes to provide the students of Konaseema modern trends in Botany by introducing Under graduate course with Botany Chemistry and Bio-Technology combinations in 2001 –2002 academic year.

Miss A.Anuradha, Lecturer in Botany handled the Bio-Technology classes in the initial stages as she had Biotechnology as a special paper in her M.Sc course. Later our management recruited Miss A.Andal who did M.Sc Bio-Technology as faculty member. Separate laboratory was established for Bio-Technology students with modern equipment. nbsp;Sri.M.V.Satyanarayana Rao, who joined the department in 1962 wrote a book on “Plant Physiology and Bio-Chemistry” which brought him good reputation.

Department of History

Since 1973 the History Department of our College has been a Jewel to the Crown. The Department takes credit for its success in creating a brilliant and glorious academic record and also developing healthy academic atmosphere in the College in tune with latest needs. The Department is active on academic front and public examinations, results are testimony to the efforts of the faculty.

In 2006 Smt. G.Usha Bhanu Head of the Department and other staff members lead B.A students on an education tour to Aduru, Antervedi, Nedunuru etc., and also continuing the same programme every year.

The staff members of the History Department are involved in guiding project works executed by the students and funded by the management. Smt.G.Usha Bhanu started Gurupoojosthavam in college classes.

The Department of History has been in existance right from inception of the college. Earlier it was a composite department in union with Economics and Politics .All the Members of the department were reputed for their eminence and scholarlyness and it is not an exaggeration to that their great contribution is the main spring of the success of the college.

Department of Politics

Faculty of arts in SKBR college occupies a pride of place because of the fact that the institution was started in 1951 with B.A., course and therefore it is as old as the institution. At first the department of Politics was a combined department of History and Politics. In 1973, it was bifurcated and since then the department of Politics has been functioning independently.

Department of Economics

The department of economics was established in july 1951 with sri.a.peri sastry as its founder head of the department. Since then the department has occupied a prominent position in fostering academic life in the campus. The faculty of arts has always been in the forefront not only in achieving excellence in academics but also in enriching and moulding the lives of students. Being the core subject for both arts and commerce faculties, the department with two members has sprung up into the department with 11 members. In spite of the growing demand for computer education, changing govt.

Policies and emergence of new colleges around this institution, the department has retained 2 aided and 3 un-aided lecturers by introducing new courses like contemporary india, and ethics and values. thus the department has continued to be the full-fledged department in the college.

Department of Commerce

S.K.B.R..College, Amalapuram is one of the oldest and reputed colleges in the state with a history of over 6 decades of its glorious existence. ethe department of commerce is one of the oldest departments in the college and was established in the year 1951 i.e., the year of establishing.the college itself. the department was successfully steered by its founder head major n. krishna murthy, who was instrumental in developing it by leaps and bounds. his successors sri.s.suryanarayana, sri m.venkateswara rao and sri d.g.k.raju also contributed their mite for the rapid growth of the department. the department which made a modest beginning with 4 staff members and about 20 students has made rapid strides and today it is one of the biggest departments in the college with 09 staff members and about 600 students.

There are also a couple of other supporting members like computer programmer and instructors. the department has also got good academic environment with all the physical facilities and infrastructure like departmental library, computer laboratory and a seminar hall. the department of commerce is one of the oldest departments in the college and was established in the year 1951 i.e., the year of establishing the college itself. the department was successfully steered by its founder head major n. krishna murthy, who was instrumental in developing it by leaps and bounds.his successors sri.s.suryanarayana, sri m.venkateswara rao and sri d.g.k.raju also contributed their mite for the rapid growth of the department.

Department of Telugu

Department of Telugu played a prominent role in the history and glory of S.K.B.R. College. Telugu department was there since the inauguration of the college (i.e.) 1951. Sri Varanasi Ramabrahmam was the first head of the department of Telugu. Sri Vemparala Suryanarayana Sastry and Kolli Anantha Padmanabha Sastry were the eminent scholars worked in the department both of them used to teach for intermediate classes as they were Telugu pandits only as per the qualifications. Later Sri Vakkalanka Lakshmipati Rao, Sri Sistla Suryanarayana Murthy joined the department after sri Ramabrahamam, sri V. Lakshmipathi Rao became the head of the department while sri Lakshmipathi Rao was head of the department of Telugu, department of Sanskrit and department of Hindi were also clubbed with Telugu and the entire department was named as department of oriental languages.

Sri Mudunuri Ramabhadra Raju, sri Pendyala Lakshmi Narasimha Sastry, sri Y. Gopala Krishna Murthy, sri U. Subrahmanya Sarma and smt.Kasturi Sita joined the department in late fifties. Smt. Sita worked with the department for a short period. The staff worked in the first two decades were famous for their scholarship in traditional and old literature. Sri Vemparala was well known through out the state. He was so popular and referred by great scholars like Dr. Viswanadha Satyanarayana, Mudhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastry etc. When ever controversies in old literature arrised. Dr.V.Lakshmipathi Rao was popular as modern poet and lyricist and his lyrics were often broadcast in all india radio. Dr.Lakshmipathi Rao was the first doctorate holder in Telugu department. Three research scholars took Ph.D. Degree on his works. Sri Ramabhadra Raju and sri Y.G.K. Murthy were famous for the art of teaching grammar.

The significance of the department is the existence of the max. number Ph.D. Holders in the entire college in seventies and eighties. The members of the faculty conducted the inter collegiate competitions over two decades.

After getting separated from O.Ls the department of Telugu is existing with four lecturers (unaided staff). The department is striving hard to keep the past glory of the department as well as the college. Dr. K.S.R. Subrahmanyam is the present head of the department of Telugu since 11th feb 2013.

Department of Sanskrit

Sanskrit Department Established : 1960 Department name : Sanskrit Department Head : Lt.A.V.S.S.V.SARMA Sanskrit department is devided from oriental languages on 2014

Department of Hindi

Department of English

Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars college was established in the year 1951 with Sri Peddada Ramachandra Rao as the founder principal and head of the department of English. In the year 1953, the college was upgraded into a first grade college and degree classes for B.A and B.Com were introduced. . Sri Parupudi Venkata Rao, joined the department of English as tutor and was later elevated as lecturer when he did his M.A(English) from Nagapur university. When degree courses were introduced Sri G.V.Krishna Rao, Sri P.D. Willson and Sri Gutala Krishna Murthy were appointed as lecturers in English. In the year 1955, Sri Syamala Rao, who stood all-round first in the first batch and won the chief donor’s gold medal, was taken as a member of the staff by creating a post for him and was transferred to the English department in 1957.

Sri Syamala Rao was elevated as lecturer in English with his post graduate qualification and subsequently he became reader and head of the department of English.
At present there are four teaching staff members in the department.

Department of Library

Sri Konaseema Bhanoji Ramar’s College, Amalapuram popularly Known as “S K B R College” is premier Institution established In July 1951. Konaseema, also known as central delta is famous for Coconut groves, Banana orchards, and lush green paddy fields. Nature’s beauty is Manifested in several forms in this sprawling area having a long coastline. The Central Library which was established in 1952 has developed enormously and today one of the biggest libraries in the affiliated colleges of Andhra University with more than 70566 books of different titles.

The Founder Head Of The Department Sri P.V. Somayajulu Served The Institution For Only One Year (1951-1952). Then Sri D. Upendra Rao Took Over Charge As HOD.