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Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College was established in 1951. On 2-7-1951 the College was formally inaugurated in an auspicious manner by Sri.J.V.Bhanoji Ramars, Chief Donor by performing a ‘PUJA’ at Board High School, Amalapuram. This was the …


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  • Welcome to Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College (SKBRC), Amalapuram

Code Of Conduct

  • Students must be punctual to school and classes.
  • Students must come in proper school uniform. They must be neat and clean throughout the day.
  • Silence must be maintained at all times during the class hours.
  • Students must take care of all school property. Any breakage or damage must be reported to the class teacher. The damage to the school property will be charged to the parents.
  • Dustbins have to be used to dispose any litter in classroom or outside.
  • Misbehaviour, misconduct, disobedience or any misdemeanour will be viewed seriously. This could also justify the dismissal of the student from the school. Parent will be intimated before such an action is taken.
  • At all times students are expected to be polite and well behaved. They are expected to greet all staff and visitors. Students are strictly forbidden to enter the staff room without permission or deal disrespectfully towards teachers.
  • Students are expected to be up-to-date in their work.
  • Do not postpone things. Tomorrow may never come. Be prompt in doing all your work.
  • Since language is a matter of habit and practice, all the students are expected to use only English as the medium of communication in the school campus.
  • Students are not allowed to wear jewellery. The school is not responsible for the loss of jewellery, money are other valuables worn/kept by the children. Students themselves are responisble for their belongings: books, pens, tiffin carriers and other articles.