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Department of Telugu played a prominent role in the history and glory of S.K.B.R. College. Telugu Department was there since the inauguration of the college (i.e.) 1951. Sri Varanasi Ramabrahmam was the first Head of the Department of Telugu. Sri Vemparala Suryanarayana Sastry and Kolli Anantha Padmanabha Sastry were the eminent scholars worked in the Department Both of them used to teach for Intermediate classes as they were Telugu pandits only as per the qualifications. Later Sri Vakkalanka Lakshmipati Rao, Sri Sistla Suryanarayana Murthy joined the Department After Sri Ramabrahamam, Sri V. Lakshmipathi Rao became the Head of the Department While Sri Lakshmipathi Rao was head of the Department of Telugu, Department of Sanskrit and Department of Hindi were also clubbed with Telugu and the entire Department was named as Department of Oriental languages. Sri Mudunuri Ramabhadra Raju, Sri Pendyala Lakshmi Narasimha Sastry, Sri Y. Gopala Krishna Murthy, Sri U. Subrahmanya Sarma and Smt.Kasturi Sita joined the Department in late fifties. Smt. Sita worked with the Department for a short period. The Staff worked in the first two decades were famous for their Scholarship in traditional and old literature. Sri Vemparala was well known through out the state. He was so popular and referred by great scholars like Dr. Viswanadha Satyanarayana, Mudhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastry etc. when ever controversies in old literature arrised. Dr.V.Lakshmipathi Rao was popular as modern poet and lyricist and his lyrics were often broadcast in All India Radio. Dr.Lakshmipathi Rao was the first Doctorate holder in Telugu Department. Three research scholars took Ph.D. degree on his works. Sri Ramabhadra Raju and Sri Y.G.K. Murthy were famous for the art of teaching Grammar.

            The next generation entered the Department in 1970 and gradually the size of the Department increased and reached the number 15. Perhaps it was the Second largest Department in the college. Sri Vadavalli Chakrapani Rao, Sri B.V.Ramana Murthy, Sri P. Satyanarayana Reddy (Paidipala), Sri Kanneboyina Venkateswara Rao, Sri D. Nageswara Sastry ( Sastry), Smt. R.Krishna Veni were the new staff members. Sri B.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr.K.Hanumantha Rao, Sri Manthena Suryanarayana Raju, Sri G.S.S.Sarma and T. Sitarama Raju belong to the next batch. Spl. Telugu Classes in both Degree and Inter were there to feed the above number and a number of Telugu Students are in good positions proving their Academic Excellency.

            The significance of the Department is the existence of the max. number Ph.D. holders in the entire college in seventies and eighties. The members of the faculty conducted the Inter collegiate competitions over two decades. The editors to publish the college magazine and spl. Issues published on the occasions of Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee were also chosen from Telugu Department only. Dr.V.Lakshmpati Rao, Dr.B.V.Ramana Murty (MaargaSeersha), Dr.P.S.Reddy, Dr.D.N. Sastry, Dr.M.S.Raju are the well known writers from this Department Dr.P.S.Reddy is the unique person who submitted two U.G.C. major projects from the Department Product of the first project which was published under the name “Telugu Cine Geya Kavula Charithra” received Nandi Award from the Govt. of AP in 2012. He also received State Best Teacher Award from the Govt. of AP in 1993. The book entitiled “Telugu Sahithya Charitha” written by Dr.D.N. Sastry is the reference book for Group I and Civil Services. Dr.B.V.Ramana Murty received many awards from AP Govt. and Nataka Kala Parishads as play wright. Garimella Somayajula Sarma is Scholar in Telugu, Sanskrit and Vydic literature and two Research Scholars took Ph.Ds who worked on his writings. Sri K.Venkateswara Rao became popular as speaker. Dr.V.Chakrapani Rao and Sri B.V.N.Raju used to render their Homeo Medical Services for the needy public.

            After getting separated from O.Ls the Department of Telugu is existing with four lecturers (unaided staff). The Department is striving hard to keep the past glory of the Department as well as the College. Dr. K.S.R. Subrahmanyam (Dr. S.R.S. Kolluri) is the present head of the Department of Telugu Since 11th Feb 2013. He is popular in the college as lecturer and as poet, speaker and comparer of meetings outside. He has twelve written and published books to his credit. He was started “AAMANI SAHITHI VEDIKA”. He conducted Guest Lecturers, Student Seminars, Essay writing, Debating Quiz, Etc. Competitions through this Literary Club.


Lecturer in-Charge

Qualifications  : M.A(Telugu), M.A(Politicis), M.A(Sociology),Ph.D

Address(Off)    : Lecturer in charge in Telugu Department,S.K.B.R. College, AMALAPURAM.                          

(RES): 11-1-4, S.B.H. Moberlipeta branch building,  Main road,   AMALAPURAM.  

Date of Birth   : 21/06/1971

Phone No        :   Mobile: 92472 72066

E-mail ID          :

Community     :  O.C ,Vysya

Date of joining in service:  16/07/2002  

Academic Profile:   


Year of passing


  Class obtained



Board of Secondary Education

   2nd  class



Board of Intermediate Education

   3rd  class



Andhra University

   3rd   class



Osmania University

   1st   class



P.S.Telugu University



 Written & Published books:  

1) HAASYANJALI - Hasyokthulu – 11th Feb 1990

2)STHREE - Vachana Kavyam – 9th Sep 1990

3)AMMA – Deergavachanakavyam – 10th May 1992

4) DHARMAAMRUTHAM – Adyathmika Grandham – 8th Apr 1994

5) VENNELAODI – Vachana Kavithala Samputi – 6th Apr 1996

6)HRUDAYA LIPI – Mini kavithvam – 12th Sep 1998

7)BAPUJI – MutyalaSarala Sathakam – 7th Jan 2001

8)AMARAJEEVI - JeevithaCharithra – 16th Mar 2003

9)BAPUJI – Tribhasha Kaavyam – 18th Dec 2008

10) SRIMADHRAMAYANAM – Prasnothara Maalika – 10th Oct 2015

11) NAALO NEELO GAJAL SRINIVAS – NaaNeelu –  Nov, 2015

12) SWACHA BHARATH – NaaNeelu  

Books launching and felicitations:



Ø A Glimpse the launching of the book SRIMADHRAMAYANAM PRASNOTTARA MAALIKA by Sarada Pitadhipathi Sri Swaroopa -nandedra Saraswathi at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. 10th Oct 2015. This book published by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, America.   All India Radio programmes:  

Ø Many Essays & poems on Telugu Language and Literature had been Broadcast by All India Radio from Stations Tirupathi, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam during 1990 to 2001.  


Ø Designed & Conducted the event “AMARAVATHI ABHYUDAYAM” with 839 girls in the traditional Costumes of TELUGU TALLI and had been recorded in Bharath Book of World Records, State book of records and Andhra Book of Records on 26th Aug 2015.  

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops:  

Chair Person:  

Ø Headed as a Chair Person in UGC Sponsored 2 day Regional seminar on Atyadunika Kavitha Rupalu Telugu Literature Gazal, Hykoo, Naani at S.R.V.B.S.J.B. Maharani College, Peddapuram on 5th,  6th Dec 2008.

Ø Headed as a Chair Person in the National Conference of Central Institute of Indian Language Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, Mysore at Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam College, Rajahmundry, 6th , 7th October 2015.  


Ø Participated in Sahasra Awadhani Sri Madugula Nagamani Sarma Awadhanam, Hyderabad on 21st Feb 1996.

Ø 4th World Telugu Conference conducted by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh 27th, 28th & 29th Dec 2012. Hosted the Telugu Gazal Vybhavam programme, as the invitation send by Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri N. Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Ø Hosted the Vasavi Club International Conference on 21st, 22nd Dec 2013 at Hyderabad.

Ø Got invitation from Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Sri Mandali Budda Prasad for the 3rd World Telugu Writers Conference. Presented a Research Paper and participated in the International Kavi Sammelanam on 21st, 22nd Feb 2015.  


Ø Participated in the Workshop on Telugu Gazal organized by Gazal Charitable Trust, Hyderabad on 13th Oct 2007.

Ø National conference on Telugu Poetry held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bhimavaram on 1st, 2nd May 2010.  


Ø Conducted East Godavarai Dist. Gazal Rachana Gana Sadassu at Amalapuram on 13th Oct 2012.

Ø Participated in Guntur Dist. Gazal workshop at Piduguralla on 20th Sep 2015.  

Guest Lectures:

Delivered lectures on the following subjects in concern with various occasions.

Ø “Mini Kavitha Vybhavam” on the occasion of 33rd Sri Saraswathi Saparya Mahothsavalu at Andhra Yuvathi Samskrutha Kalasala at Rajahmundry, 29th Sep 2004.

Ø “Samaaja Samskaranaku Gurjada, Kandukuri” at Lions Club, 2nd Oct 2009.

Ø “Prabandha Saahityam” at S.N.M. Degree College, Ambajipeta, 21st February 2010 on the occasion of Matrubasha Dinotsavam.

Ø “Sri Sri Kavitha Vybhavam” at Aditya Public School, Amalapuram, 30th Nov 2012, On the Occasion of Telugu Monthly Celebrations.

Ø “Telugu Vari Asthi Padyam” at Govt. High School, Mukteswaram, on  20th Dec 2012.

Ø “Pracheena Telugu Saahityam” at Govt.High School, Kodurupadu. 25th December 2012.

Ø “Anubandhalu – Harichandanalu” at Walkers Club International, 2nd June 2013.

Ø “Prabhanda Sahithyam” on the occasion of “Telugu Bhasha Vikasa Dinothsavam” at Mahatma Gandhi Municipal High School, Amalapuram, 14th June 2013.

Ø “Adhunika Kavitha Vybhavam” for the “Welfare Society of Retired Employees”, Bandarulanka, 10th August 2013.

Ø Continuing journey in “Jathiya Grandhalaya Varothsavalu” giving lectures since 10 years at District Library.

Ø “Human Relations”, “Soft Skills for the Police Constables” of AMP Sub-division, 26th  June 2013, 15th Dec 2014.

Ø “Telugu Bhakti Sahityam” at Sri Praja Pitha Brahma Kumari Eswarya Viswavidyalayam, 10th Aug 2014.

Ø “Telugu Sahityam Vyakthithva Vikasam” at Govt. Junior College, Tallarevu, 16th Oct 2014.

Ø “Personality development in Modern Telugu Cine Sahityam” Chief guest of the program “Literary and Cultural wing” opening at B.V.C. Engineering College, Batlapalem, 11th Dec 2014.

Ø “Mathrumurthy – Mathru Bhasha – Mathru Desam” at S.K.B.R. B.Ed. College, 25th Mar 2015. Ø “Telugu Sahitya Vybhavam” Andhra Padya Kavitha Sadassu at Sri Kamakshi Peetham, 28th June 2015.

Ø On the Ocassion of Matrubasha Dinotsavam “Sahityam – Samaajam” at Yogi Vemana Govt. Degree College, Kothapeta on 29th Aug 2015.  


Ø Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University student did M.Phil research on the book BAPUJI.

Ø The Jnanapit Awardee Dr.C.Narayana Reddy and Padma Vibhushan Sri Kaloji Narayana Rao, Doordarshan Kendram programme Exuecutive, Sri Oleti Parvathisam praised, applauded the book Vennela Odi and gave the preface for the book.

Ø Sahasra Awadhani Sri Garikapati Narasimha Rao felicitated in the programme Ubhaya Godavari jillala Sahitya Sadassu conducted by Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Bommuru, 27th Mar 2009.

Ø Governor of Andhra Pradesh Sri N.D.Thiwary awarded in with for Doctorate for invisible and incredible research, Ph.D. Thesis at Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, 25th June 2009.

Ø Minister of Small Scale Industries Sri Gollapalli Surya Rao felicitated for Ph.D. achievement, 5th Sept 2009.

Ø Minister of Andhra Pradesh Pithani Satyanarayana felicitated on 3rd World Telugu Conference at Tirupathi on 29th Dec 2012.

Ø Minister of State Animal Husbandry Sri P.Viswaroop and felicitated him on 2nd Jan 2013.  


Ø State Level Manoranjani Puraskaram for the book AMMA by famous movie stars Krishna & Vijaya Nirmala, Hyderabad, 2nd Dec 1992.

Ø The book VennelaVadi had been recognized and given Rs.3000/- cash award by the Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, 1996.

Ø Minister of Culture & Cinematography Sri M. Satyanarayana Rao presented “Sahithya Puraskaram”, Hyderabad, 13th Oct 2006.

Ø Maanavatha Swachanda Seva Samithi presented the title SAHITHI RATNA on 1st Jan 2007.

Ø Famous Movie Director Sri S.V.Krishna Reddy presented the title of SABHA VACHASPATHI, Hyderabad, 27th Feb 2008.

Ø Sri Paripurnanda Saraswathi felicitated by SRIPITHAM UGADI PURASKARAM at Kakinada, 21st Mar 2008. Ø Ministry of Andhra Pradesh Sri Ramreddy Damodara Reddy felicitated on the occasion of Ugadi at Suryapeta, Nalgonda Dist, 27th Mar 2008.

Ø International Rotary Club appreciation of Special Literary Services to community through the profession on 4th Nov 2008.

Ø Mahathma Gandhi Adyayana Samstha presented the SRI AMARAJEEVI POTTI SRIRAMULU PURASKARAM on 13th Dec 2008. Ø Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy praised & applauded Ph.D. Thesis, 28th June 2009.

Ø Laid the paths for the improvement of our Mother Tongue Telugu Language submitted the plan East Godavari District Collectors Sri Gopala Krishna Dviwedi on 16th Mar 2010 and Sri Ravi Chandra 14th Apr 2010.

Ø On the Occassion of World Telugu Conference Masothsavam (24.11.2012 to 23.12.2012) received an award from RDO P. Sampath Kumar on 21st Dec 2012.

Ø Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu praised him for the Memorandum submitted which consisted the plan for the growth of our Mother Tongue Telugu in Private & Government Schools, Colleges and Offices, 28th May 2014.

Ø Governor of Tamilnadu Dr. K.Rosaiah awarded Prathibha Puraskaram on 17th Dec 2014 at Hyderabad.    


Ø Gurajada Award has been awarded by Gurajada Seva Samithi, Ambajipeta on 21st Sep 2003.

Ø Famous Telugu Movie Director Sri Sukumar presented the Literary Award on 27th Mar 2008.

Ø Bapu Sandesh Award was given by Vasavi International Club, Tallarevu on 20th Sep 2009.

Ø Sri Sri Smaraka Award has been presented by Intelligence S.P. Sri V.Sivakumar at Hyderabad on 1st Mar 2010.

Ø Padmasri Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad presented the award Telugu Puraskaram at Bhimavaram on 2nd May 2010.

Ø In the programme conducted by Banashankari KCGF on the Kannada Telugu Kavitha Malika awarded with Banashankari Puraskaram, 2nd Jan 2014, Banaglore.  


Ø Member of Literary and Cultural wing of SKBR College since 8 years.

Ø Member of Magazine committee of SKBR College continuing journey from 8 years. Ø Secretary of Thriveni Nrutya Geetha Sahitya Vedika